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Wilson Infinite "Windy City" Putter

Wilson Infinite "Windy City" Putter

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Wilson Infinite Windy City Putter: Precision Built for the Greens

Classic Blade Design for Feel Players: The Infinite Windy City embraces a timeless blade putter design, ideal for golfers who prioritize precision and feel. This classic head shape allows for more control over stroke path and face angle.

Precise Feel and Roll with Double-Milled Face: Experience exceptional feel and consistent ball roll with the double-milled face. This meticulous process ensures accuracy in distance control on every putt, regardless of where you strike the ball on the face.

Enhanced Focus with Parallel Alignment Lines: Line up your putts with precision thanks to the parallel alignment lines. These visual cues help you visualize the putting path and square the putter face at address, leading to a smoother and more controlled stroke.

Distraction-Free Aiming with PVD Finish: Minimize distractions and focus solely on the putt with the two-tone PVD anti-glare finish. This premium finish reduces visual noise, allowing you to lock in on your target and make confident strokes.

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