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Wilson Infinite "Southside" Putter

Wilson Infinite "Southside" Putter

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Wilson Infinite South Side Putter: Classic Design, Modern Performance

Modern Take on a Classic Mallet: The Infinite South Side takes inspiration from timeless Wilson putters, offering a familiar mallet head shape with a sleek, modern twist. This design provides a generous sweet spot for forgiveness and confidence at address.

Precise Feel and Roll with Double-Milled Face: Experience exceptional feel and consistent ball roll with the double-milled face. This meticulous process ensures accuracy in distance control on every putt, regardless of where you strike the ball on the face.

Enhanced Focus with Parallel Alignment Lines: Line up your putts with precision thanks to the parallel alignment lines. These visual cues help you visualize the putting path and square the putter face at address, leading to a smoother and more controlled stroke.

Distraction-Free Aiming with PVD Finish: Minimize distractions and focus solely on the putt with the two-tone PVD anti-glare finish. This premium finish reduces visual noise, allowing you to lock in on your target and make confident strokes.

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